2D Rigging and Rigged Animation

Project Highlight: In Progress Harmony Rig Byte

WIP video of Byte Rig in Harmony, displaying rig functionality and node view.
In progress video of a 360 degree Toon Boom Harmony rig for my Byte robot character. This displays all the finished drawings.

Project Highlight: Sona VS

Rigged and Animated in Toon Boom Harmony

Mosona Harmony Rig: F, QF, S

MoSona F, QF, S Animation Sample

Mosona Harmony Rig: QB, B

MoSona QB, B Animation Sample

Project Highlight: For the Passenger Pigeon

Rigged and Animated in Adobe After Effects

For the Passenger Pigeon is a 2D Motion documentary created by Mackenzie Bigley to commemorate and inform people about the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon.

Style Frames

Story Boards

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